Epic Fails In Carpet Cleaning! Brisbane, Bring Out Your Dead!


Kids, pets and parties are almost certain to be the leading cause of messy carpet disasters. Vomit-inducing, shocking and anxiety causing fails.
Take a deep breath and get ready to be taken on a very messy journey that only the best carpet cleaning in Brisbane can handle! Ready for a laugh at someone else’s expense? Let’s go.

EPIC carpet disasters

While initially causing residents to gasp or totally freak out, most of these disasters are fixable – with the right help, of course!

Sudocrem in the carpet

Toddlers love getting into everything they shouldn’t. Particularly stuff they can throw around or squish between their fingers. Parents, put the ‘fun’ stuff out of reach.
Sudocrem, for example. It’s no secret that this healing cream can cause parents a lot of pain when their child gets their little hands on the tub. Rubbing it over themselves is one thing (and hard enough to clean off) but when they decide to colour the carpet in zinc, that is something else entirely! If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Good luck cleaning that one – professional carpet cleaning may be your only option!


Sudo Cream


Pet Poo & Roomba

Pets, poo and a Roomba

It’s one thing for your dog to poo on your carpet. It’s a whole new ball game when they have the runs and your Roomba tries to clean it up for you! Now’s the time to throw out the vacuum and call in the experts. This is one job you won’t want to do alone.


Red wine – add a splash of colour

Wine drinkers and entertainers will be all too familiar with red wine spills on carpet. It’s all fun and games until someone has a little too much to drink and that delicious red wine splashes and stains your flooring. You could get it cleaned or you could try and incorporate these stains into your interior styling choices.

How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

The perfect shade… for nails

Just one more coat of dark red on your nails and you’re ready for a great night out. That is until you knock the nail polish over and it spills on your carpet or rug. Your first instinct is to scrub it off ASAP but before you do that, read our first aid treatment for spills.

Painting on a blank canvas

Is your home in need of a pop of colour? Don’t worry, your kid might get their hands on the craft paint and decide to create a masterpiece on your living room floor. Problem solved – colour popped! Silence is not always golden, particularly when you have kids.
Your only hope in restoring your carpet is to call in All Aces, the professionals in carpet cleaning Brisbane trusts.

Carpet disasters and horror stories happen all the time. You just hope it isn’t happening to you. If you are unfortunate enough to experience any of the above, All Aces Cleaning and Restoration will do a professional job that will leave you satisfied.

Give All Aces a call on 1800 00 10 10 for reliable carpet cleaning Brisbane residents go to first!