Carpet Moth and Carpet Beetle Infestations

They’re Brisbane’s little known pests.  Carpet moths and carpet beetles.  These gribblies live in your carpets, destroying them.  A carpet moth or carpet beetle infestation could cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your carpets and rugs.  They can also make a home in your wardrobe, destroying your favourite clothes, and everything else in their wake.  There are several breeds of carpet moth and beetle common in Brisbane and South East Queensland but generally moths are narrow shaped and grey-brown in appearance.  Beetles tend to resemble ticks.

How do I know if I have a carpet moth or beetle infestation?

WeCarpet Moth Infestation recently had a phone call from a potential client. She was very stressed as she had been doing some clearing out of her cupboards and had noticed that her carpet in some areas had holes in it. As she took a closer look she could also see the carpet was very weak in some areas. Much to her disgust she realised that the carpet had been attacked by carpet beetles.  The signs that you may have these little pests living in your home include:

  • Thin or damaged carpet patches
  • Patches of damage close to walls or in rarely used areas
  • Degrading carpet in dark areas such as inside closets
  • The presence of adult moths on the floor in your home
  • Small, maggot like larvae visible near patched carpet.


Risk factors for carpet moth or beetle infestations

Carpet Moths - How to get rid of carpet moths

Carpet moths vary in appearance according to their specific species. Most are grey-brown and narrow shaped with larvae that resemble small maggots.


Carpet moths and beetles prefer to eat foods from animal products, such as skins, furs, feathers, wool, hair and dead insects, but they also eat cotton to some extent. Carpet beetles and clothes moths are attracted to keratin which is a component of animal hair. This is found in certain materials which include wool, fur and feathers

  • Indoor pets, especially medium to long haired dogs that shed regularly
  • Humidity and heat – they love Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast!
  • Neglected areas of carpet (where furniture has stood for long periods without disruption)
  • Natural fibre carpets including premium wool carpets
  • Carpet pests have a 90 day life cycle so if you do see adult moths around, chances are there are more to come.

How we get rid of carpet moths and beetles

How to get rid of carpet beetles in Brisbane

Carpet Beetles vary in appearance according to their species however they often resemble a very small beetle or a tick.

As Brisbane’s professional carpet cleaners and pest controllers, we can help detect and eradicate carpet moth and carpet beetle infestations.  We provide both carpet cleaning and pest control services, using the leading technologies in each.  So how did we help our customer in distress?


Our client was located on the south side of Brisbane. She did the right thing and rang All Aces Services as soon as she discovered the problem. We sent one of our qualified technicians to clean the carpet first and we obviously took a lot of great care around the areas where the carpet beetle had already damaged the carpet. Once the carpet was nice and clean we sent Matt who is our qualified pest control technician. He completed a thorough pest control treatment of the entire house.  We made sure to check the small spaces, the spaces under furniture and the dark areas and we detected further infestations that the customer had not found.  We helped her eradicate her pest control problem and gave her advice on keeping carpet moths and beetles at bay.

Learn more about carpet moth removal here.

The client was ecstatic with how easy it was to resolve her icky situation.  Protect your beautiful wool carpets.  Protect your wardrobe.  Protect your family.  Trust the pest control company that Brisbane relies on for all creatures gross and small.

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