Mould Removal in Brisbane – What You Need To Know NOW

Mould. We’ve all seen it. Daresay we’ve all smelled it. But what happens to you if it’s around and you touch it? Or breathe it in? Could there be a killer lurking in your home or business?

The Darkness That Waits

Mould grows as the result of a number of different forms of fungi that form spores. These fungi thrive in damp, warm and humid climates – like Brisbane! While not all of them are poisonous to humans, there are certainly a number that produce harmful toxins.
It’s the insidious presence of mould, particularly after rain and flooding, that makes for a grave situation for many home and business owners.

Who Should Worry?

Some parts of Brisbane are more prone to flooding (and with it, residual and rising damp) than others. You can access the Brisbane City Council flood map here to check if you’re in a flood zone.
If you’re unsure or concerned about the presence of mould in your home, working with All Aces Cleaning and Restoration is a good way to get comfy again. As well as cleaning affected areas, they do a mould inspection as well as atmospheric testing to prevent a possible re-infestation.
Mould can be anywhere. It can be in the roof and walls but it can also be hiding in your couches and mattresses. Hardly the recipe for a good night’s sleep, huh?

How Can Mould Hurt Us?

Just some of the possible side effects of breathing in mould spores include:
• Asthma
• Lung infections
• Allergic Reactions
• Fevers
• Skin Diseases
• Internal Bleeding
• Short term memory loss
• Neurological and nervous disorders
• Bronchitis
• Cancer
• Brain Damage
Are you willing to subject your family, staff or customers to this potential risk?
If you suspect the presence of mould in your premises, it’s important to act quickly. Using the services of a cleaning specialist will ensure you remove all traces of this potential health hazard. Dormant mould can cause problems in the future so thoroughly treating the problem now goes a long way to ensuring your property stays mould-free.

How Can We Prevent Mould?

Given Brisbane’s climate, mould removal as a prevention is the only real way to go. Our humid climate, rainy seasons, use of air-conditioning and heating units, and the propensity to flood makes Brisbane the Las Vegas of Mould. They all want to come here and party.
Let’s make sure what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. No more mould crashing any more parties with All Aces up your sleeve.

Concerned about mould removal? Brisbane specialists All Aces Cleaning and Restoration can help. Contact us today for your instant quote!