5 Reasons All Aces is the ONLY Choice for Commercial Cleaning in Logan

commercial cleaning Logan

Logan is a widespread area and, as a result, presents a wide range of potential problems for the business owner. From weather damage to pest issues (both creature and human), there are a number of reasons you might find yourself scrambling to lock in a professional cleaner.
When it comes to commercial cleaning, Logan businesses trust All Aces. Find out how we can become the ace in your pocket!


We’ve been in business for a long time – close to thirty years, in fact! During that time, we have seen it all. Cleaning is part of our DNA – it’s in our blood. We live to give – and give we do! All you need to do is contact us for an initial quote and we’ll take everything off your hands from there. No more lost sleep from stressing about your commercial cleaning problems. Carpet cleaning? We’ve got you. Mould removal and restoration to remove harmful toxins? We do it every day. Too easy.


You can arrange a ‘set and forget’ situation with All Aces. We’ll happily provide regular and timely service. If you’re looking for a seasonal refresher, or something more in-depth, this is a specialist cleaning service that will provide a personalised solution to cover all your commercial cleaning needs.


Some cleaning companies are very cheap – cheaper than us. But proper cleaning is a case of ‘you get what you pay for.’ Your business is your livelihood – it DESERVES to be properly cleaned and maintained. Let our professional business take care of yours. It’s just that simple.

A Stellar Reputation

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration has been around for a long time – the reason for that is because of our dedication to customer service. We will not leave a job half done or leave you out of pocket, wondering what you spent your cash on. There’s a real difference between our work and that of our competitors. The difference? We care.

We Handle It ALL

We’ve seen it all. We cover crime scene cleaning, meth lab clean up, fire damage restoration and hoarding clean up. There is nothing that we can’t handle and nothing we haven’t dealt with before. Whatever problem you’ve got, we’ve seen worse. That’s why we’re the reliable choice for commercial cleaning in Logan.

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