The Emergency Guide To Carpet Stains

Carpet stains? Don’t panic. Follow these steps to prevent ruining your carpets forever.



Carpet stains? Don’t panic. Dirty carpets are far from ideal but there are ways to save your floor fabrics from permanent discolouration. Read on to discover what you need to do with your carpet stains.

Types of carpet stains and how to remove them

From wine stains to dirt marks, pen blotches to food splatters, take note of the following ways to minimise the impact of carpet stains in your house.

Carpet stains: red wine dos and don’ts

Red wine stains are awful but also incredibly common. Take immediate action with your red wine spill to prevent long term carpet stains:

  • Do: blot your liquid spill straight away. Use a terry towelling cloth or thick paper towel. Blot more than once to soak up as much of the wine spill as you can.
  • Don’t: rub the wine stain. Rubbing a red wine spill will spread the liquid further and make it difficult to completely remove.
  • Do: add a small amount of cold water and keep blotting. This helps to dilute the wine while you lift the carpet stains from your floors.
  • Don’t: fret if you can’t remove the stain completely. You can always call in the professionals to help with your carpet stains.

Carpet stains: pen marks

Whether your child has drawn a masterpiece on the floor or you’ve dropped a pen on your carpet, ink spills are a pain to remove. To minimise the risk of a permanent stain, reach for your hairspray!

Believe it or not, hairspray (preferably oil-free) softens the ink stain before you attempt to clean it. Spray your carpet stain generously and use a thick paper towel to blot the ink. Repeat until the stain disappears then brush the carpet and vacuum to remove traces of hairspray. Rubbing alcohol can also be a useful cleaning tool to remove ink stains.

Carpet stains: dirt

Dirt carpet stains are common, especially if you’ve got kids or pets!  Dirty shoes or paws traipsing through the house will likely end in filthy carpets.

The first way to clean dirty carpets? Vacuum. Get your vacuum out and suck up as much of the dirt as you can. After that, prepare a mixture of a ¼ cup of white vinegar with 1 tablespoon of dish liquid with water. Spray your carpet stains liberally and blot to remove.

Carpet stains: grease

Oil and greasy stains on your carpets are quite often the result of dropped food (pizzas and pasta sauces are common culprits). Take immediate action on your food spills:

·      Scoop up as much of the spill as you can before you attempt any sort of carpet clean. Use a spoon or knife to lift as much as possible.

·      Do not rub your stain, this will spread the grease further.

·      Dab the stain with a thick paper towel. Work inwards from the edge to prevent spreading the carpet stain further.

·      Prepare a mix of white vinegar as mentioned above and apply to your stain while you continue to blot.

Tried the above steps but you’ve still got carpet stains? Call a professional carpet cleaner immediately to avoid permanent damage!

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