Methamphetamine Clean-ups and Decontamination

The methamphetamine (meth) lab and meth smoking problem is growing in Brisbane. Meth labs, used to make the illegal drug methamphetamine and the

smoking of meth, is discovered in houses, apartments, motel rooms, sheds, or even motor vehicles. As the problem grows, the government seek to restrict the products needed to make methamphetamine, the methods and the locations of its production are changing.

In the absence of a legislated standard, Australia have adopted a clean-up standard of 0.5μg/100cm² for methamphetamine, proposed by the Australian Crime Commission. Clean-up criteria for other contaminants are in accordance with current industry standards and these standards require owners to make sure that there are no more than five micrograms of meth residue per square foot in a house.

Health Risks and Symptoms

There are many health problems associated with methamphetamine contamination exposure. One of more of the following symptoms may indicate exposure to methamphetamine: Watery, red, and burning eyes, often accompanied by discharge and pain. Skin irritations, redness and rashes.

Test Kits and Lab testing

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration sell the pre test kits, that can be purchased and used in home by clients themselves and also provide Pre and post Lab testing for your piece of mind.

Decontamination Services

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration use a unique neutral based solution which is 100% biodegradable for the removal of contamination. We use a treatment process and delivery system, inhouse developed to be effective on any surface neutralising and breaking down hazards caused by methamphetamine contamination.

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