Mould Inspection

We helped a customer today in which a house had been totally affected by mould.

I arrived at the property to inspect the damage from the mould and to find out the source. The property inspection for moisture content was to see why the mould growth has spread as far as it had.

My understanding of the story is that there was a preventative method used to clean and prevent the spread of mould. Different methods of cleaning have been performed in 2 of the bedrooms. The 1st method was natural base chemicals however this method does not seem to have worked well. Second method used was cleaning down the area with a chlorine base chemical. This method washed down the area and it looks good but neither of the companies have found the source of the problem and tried to solve and prevent from re-occuring. Neither method used has contained the areas, so cross contamination has now occurred.

4 Steps for mould.

1. Identify the source.

2. Prevent the mould from spreading (containment)

3. Identify the type of mould

4. Start to rectify the problem

At this particular property the tenants have allowed the mould to spread to every part of the house. It has now contaminated every room and all the contents as well. A full restoration will be required to properly fix this problem. A sample was taken to find out the type of mould and future preventative measures to be taken