Water and Urine Affected Carpets

We received an urgent call to attend to a property in Brisbane for water damage. A pipe had burst in the vanity unit causing flooding to a three bedroom home. Due to the water damage, the tenants had quickly vacated the property.

We headed straight out there and took moisture readings throughout the property. The loungeroom had a very high moisture content. We lifted the carpet to realise that a dog had been using the lounge room carpet as a toilet!

See pictures:


There was a strong odour present and we realised that just a carpet clean was not going to remove the urine. Urine is Uric Acid which leaves your body at a pH level of 5-6. When urine dries it turns into a crystalline salt. Sometimes the colour will change as the urine reacts with the carpet. The reason why there is often a strong odour is because the urine goes through a chemical change which sets off a gas.

Where a lot of people make the mistake is that as soon as they notice the stain or smell, they apply water or they call some cheap carpet cleaner in to clean and deodorise the carpets. Big Mistake!!

Urine becomes worse when moisture is added or there is high humidity. The crystalline salts absorb water and moisture and put out an ammonia gas. This leaves your carpets smelling worse than before you cleaned them.

What we had to do to rectify the problem from the urine was to start by cutting out the affected underlay. We treated the subfloor, relaid new underlay and treated both sides of the carpet. We then cleaned the area with our 10 step deluxe carpet cleaning system.

You can see the end results:

The stains were completely gone and 100% of the odour was removed. If you have any questions about water damage or urine odour removal please see our website or call our friendly trained staff on 1800 00 1010. We have solutions for your problems that are guaranteed 100%.