Rug Cleaning Tips: Quality of Rugs

You are at a rug store looking for the final piece to decorate your home. There are so many rugs to choose from. You want quality and style and you would like all your visitors to comment on how wonderful your rug looks. Viscose, wool, art silk, rayon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic….. OH GOSH what actually are all of these fibres and what is actually a good quality rug?

Polypropylene/olefin – The cheapest on the market, they are as good as a door mat. They are, however, easy to clean and great for the kids to play on.

Acrylic – Looks like wool, wants to be wool, but don’t be fooled as acrylic rugs lose their appearance over time and coarsen with age.

Viscose / art silk / rayon – Sneaky salesmen say this is silk, will tell you it’s silk and charge you as if it is silk. DON”T GET RIPPED OFF. It is cheap and nasty and can be made from any substance like wood pulp, crab shells or paper. It may look fantastic but the quality is quite poor.

Silk – Soft and smooth, very expensive, looks beautiful and is very appealing to the eye. Handed knotted rugs, especially Persian rugs, will hold their value and depending on the age can also be a great investment.

Wool – High resiliency and the ability of the pile to withstand abrasion throughout the life of a rug. A 100% woollen rug is good quality and if it is protected and cleaned professionally every year it will out live any cheap rug that is on the market.

Once you have purchased the final piece to decorate your home, we recommend that the rug be cleaned professionally once a year. If you do purchase a quality woollen rug please have it protected immediately to protect the fibre from unwanted stains.

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