Shagpile Rug Cleaning Tips

One style of rug that has certainly become more popular in the home and more fashionable of late, is the shagpile rug.

Due to the long pile, various thicknesses and designs that are out there today, it is important to maintain your shagpile rug by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning shag rugs however, can be tougher than ordinary rugs. Due to the type of pile these rugs have, they require even more attention than regular rugs.

A few handy rug cleaning tips for shag pile rugs:

  • To keep your rug in tip top shape, vacuum it regularly, at least twice per week
  • Sweep rugs with a bristle broom to get right down to the foundation of the rug
  • Take the rug (if it is not too large) and hang over the washing line or outside railing. Use a stick or bat to beat the rug in order to loosen any soiling,

When cleaning rugs at our rug cleaning facility at Murarrie, we thoroughly beat the rugs to loosen any particles in the rugs. We often use the rug badger. Once we have released all of the inground dirt, we thoroughly wash the rugs. Below is a photo showing our technician beating the rug and showing the dirt, and dust and foreign items that fall out of the pile.









By taking regular care of your rugs, and using the few tips above, this will help keep your rug in optimum condition in order to prolong the life of your rug, and help keep any allergies at bay.

If you have any questions about rug cleaning or wish to book your rug in with us, please contact All Aces Services or call us on 1800 00 1010.