White Leather Upholstery

This week we were contracted to bring back to life a protected white leather lounge that was looking very tired and worn after a few years of use from a family with young children.

When we first arrived our technician inspected the lounge thoroughly to point out any staining, rips or tears or problem areas and discussed these with the client before commencing the cleaning process.  A colour fastness test was also done on a small section of the lounge to ensure the leather paint is stable as we do not want to cause any further damage.

Once the inspection process is completed our technician moved onto the cleaning stage where a specified leather cleaning chemical is applied using a fine while scourer or white magic pads. They start in small areas first and work their way from one end to the other gently using a circular motion consistently throughout. A dry towel was then used to ensure no streak marks or chemical residue were left behind and an even lather is applied.

When the lounge has had the cleaning process completed a leather protector is then applied to the lounges entirety to essentially protect it and replenish oils and such back into the leather. By doing this stage our clients are guaranteed a longer life from their lounge.

Leather should be cleaned yearly to maintain the look of the lounge. If it is not cared for correctly it will simply not last the distance and will be more prone to staining and deterioration.

Both clients and technicians were very satisfied with the completed results here as you can see by the photos attached, the lounge has definitely been given the new lease of life it so desperately needed.


2015-12-22 08.31.12 2015-12-22 08.31.17

2015-12-22 08.31.31 2015-12-22 08.31.41


2015-12-22 10.25.08 

2015-12-22 10.24.47 2015-12-22 10.24.51