Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When you paint, apply finish coatings, smoke or use chemical cleaners in your home, your carpet absorbs these odours, holds onto them and releases over time. Carpets also contain dust, pet hair, food particles, nasty creepy crawlies and dirt particles that settle to the bottom that regular vacuuming does not pick up.  Mould spores can also get trapped in your carpet in much the same way. Moisture trapped beneath a carpet can create mould problems if left over a length of time. Your carpets should have professional carpet cleaning services done every six to twelve months depending on traffic and wear and tear.

While regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner that has excellent suctioning ability removes some of these problems, it does not remove all of them. Only professional carpet cleaning can remove these contaminates.

Before and after professional carpet cleaning services

As you can see by the photos attached, it isn’t until moving house or moving furniture around that you really notice the significant difference in your carpets. We urge you to use this as a testing point and go to a carpeted room in your home or office where an item of furniture has been sitting for a long length of time, move it and see the difference! You will be amazed at how dirty your carpets really are if you do not have them cleaned professionally in the recommended time frame.

All Aces Services pride ourselves in providing high quality carpet cleaning that meet all your needs and expectations and even exceed them where we can. With All Aces Services you will never have to spend money on low quality or unsatisfactory carpet cleaning services. All our technicians have a vast knowledge on all latest techniques through staff training and have years of experience under their belts.

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