Red Wine Stain Removal on a Rug

A rug with a red wine stain came to our factory in Murarrie on the east side of Brisbane that required a spot and stain treatment as well as a general clean.

When the rug was first delivered to our factory our lead factory technician and office staff member went over the rug with our client to find out what the main areas of concern were. This is standard practice on every occasion. With the initial once over we like to ask a number of questions to identify as much information about the rug as possible. We like to identify what each stain is, why type of rug it is and type of fibers the rug is made of. All of these things have a huge effect on how we clean each rug and what chemical or process is used.

In this particular case our client acknowledge that the main staining issue he wanted rectified was a red wine stain. This rug (as you can see in the before and after photos) has endured heavy traffic and had significant dirt and grime staining overall.

Cleaning a Red Wine Stain

The cleaning process began with a thorough vacuum to remove any larger dirt particles before any chemical was applied for spot and stain treatment.

Our spot and stain treatment was applied on all trouble areas and specifically the red wine stain and left to rest for a while. This is to allow the stain to break down slowly before a thorough rug clean can take place.  Once enough time has passed the rug was then sprayed in its entirety with a specialized chemical. Our technician then used a dual action cleaning tool which applied both water for rinsing and extracted dirty water simultaneously.

The rug was then inspected to ensure that all staining has been removed. In some instances some staining may require a second or third spot and stain treatment to ensure best results. The type of staining or length of time left untreated can both be major contributing factors towards this.

When our lead technician was happy with the results the rug was then placed in our state of the art drying room surrounded by high speed air movers and left to dry.

As you can see by the before and after pictures attached, our standards and results with rug cleaning are second to none. We offer a pickup and delivery service as well for your convenience and are always available to discuss your concerns about your rugs. Please give us a call on 1800 00 10 10 if require further information.