Holiday House Cleaning in Brisbane

Do you own a holiday property? One that you and your family might get away to a few times a year but rent out to other holiday makers in the interim? How long has it been since it has had a professional house cleaning service? We all do our best to look after our family home and keep everything up to date as best as possible but tend to forget about other properties like rentals or holiday houses.

Recently our office in Murrarie received a request from a new customer who owns a holiday home that she personally only visits a few times a year and rents it out throughout the rest of the year. She had the property brought back up to scratch to keep it looking great and fresh for herself and her guests. This property had both carpet and tiled areas that needed some extra attention.

A new level of house cleaning

Our Technician tackled the outside area first by sweeping up as much of the larger particles as possible then applying a specific chemical to its entirety. Using a grout brush and scrubbing broom our techs worked into the grouting and problem areas to help break down staining and lift as much dirt and grime as possible to the surface before using the RX-20 to clean the tiles and extract the dirty water simultaneously.  We move all furnishings during this process so that no section was left uncleaned or damaged in the process. Once the outside area was complete we set out inside the apartment to conquer the carpeted areas. Although at first glance the carpet doesn’t really seem that dirty it had not been professionally cleaned in a while so we knew it would be much dirtier than first assumed. Following normal carpet cleaning protocol our technicians were too able to give these carpets the new lease of life they desperately needed.

Coming into the festive season now where holidays, weekends away, road trips and family get-togethers are frequently on the agenda, don’t let the house cleaning maintenance of your homes and holiday properties fall on the wayside. Get in now and book your holiday home, caravan, family home, boat or car a full once over by All Aces Services. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be thankful in the long run your family and friends over to visit this season.