How to Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles

A Retirement Village located in Ashmore on the Gold Coast needed ceramic tile cleaning in one of their units in preparation for handover in coming weeks. The ceramic tiles in this property were particularly dirty. There had also been minor renovations completed recently so there was a significant amount of builder’s dust that needed to be cleared up as well. The team at All Aces set to work to help bring this property back up to standard by cleaning some very tired and worn ceramic tiles.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Some of the renovations carried out involved replacing the carpet so our technician placed drop sheets on the carpeted areas first to ensure they stayed clean and dust free. The tiles were then dry swept to ensure all thick dust, dirt and large particles were separated and disposed of prior to wetting the floors in the next cleaning steps.

A specialised cleaning solution was applied to all tiled areas before using a special grout broom and scrubbing pads to agitate the area. This technique was used to break down stubborn soiling and lift any dirt particles out from within the grouting of the tiles.

Our rotary dual action machine RX20 was then used to clean the affected areas by applying both high pressure cleaning (with 121 degrees of heat and with pressure between 1000 and 3000 psi) and extraction at the same time.

Due to the extent of dirt and grime on these tiles a dual clean was carried out. This meant that our ceramic tile cleaning process was repeated a second time with an acidic solution for best results.

Upon completion of cleaning ceramic tiles our technician then dry mopped the area ensuring that any excess water was removed and the tiles were left sparkling clean. High speed air movers were then placed strategically around the cleaned tiles to dry all areas.

All Aces Services are known for their extensive knowledge, care and quality on how to clean ceramic floor tiles and grout. Next time you get your carpets cleaned by us, simply ask for a tile cleaning demonstration as well so you can see the difference for yourself!

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles