Cleaning Cat Urine on Roller Blinds

Do you have a beloved cat or dog that loves to mark their territory in or on the most inconvenient, damaging or expensive places? Well, you may have something in common with one of our customers who brought her roller blinds into our factory in Murarrie on the east side of Brisbane this week.

We were informed that her dear cat had sprayed urine on them and that she was mainly concerned with the odour and staining. The upholstery was inspected by our lead technician upon its arrival and he explained to our customer that it would be very hard to clean cat urine due to the material type and that he couldn’t guarantee he could remove the stain entirely. He could however, guarantee it would improve it or she would not be charged a cent.

The Process of Cleaning Cat Urine

The process began by giving the blinds a thorough inspection, looking for any defects in the weave that could potentially affect the cleaning process. A light vacuum was then done to remove as much dirt and dust particles before application of the cleaning solution to help break down the staining.

The solution was left to rest for some time before a special upholstery tool was used to simultaneously rinse the solution off and remove the dirty water. Any excess residue was removed by using a hand dry pad which is very gentle and extremely effective. This process was repeated a couple of times to ensure best results.

The blinds were then placed into our state of the art drying room for 24 hours, which is temperature and humidity controlled. Once the drying process was complete they were inspected by our lead Technician to ensure we had achieved the best results possible and that our customer would be satisfied with the results.

Upon completion it was realised that we exceeded expectations and the staining was completely removed making one of our customers very happy. Don’t put these things off as the longer you leave them, the worse the smell gets, the harder it is cleaning cat urine, and the more prone your animal will become to repeating the process. Call us today on 1800 00 10 10 to see how we can help you today.