Cleaning Car Interior at our Brisbane Factory

Our vehicle interiors bear the brunt of our day to day lives that we rarely acknowledge. Just think, how often we rely on our car to get us all to and from everything? Our vehicles sustain damage caused by everything from the muddy footprints, dirt, grime, food, drink spills, unsightly road trip car sick accidents as well as your little ones accidents because he or she couldn’t hold on that extra two minutes.

You don’t need to be reminded every time you sit in your car about “that” accident because the smell lingers on or “that” stain is there right in front of you every time you strap the kids in.

All Aces Services factory car interior clean can bring your vehicle back to life which one of our customers embraced recently when she brought her vehicle into our factory in Murrarie, Brisbane earlier this month.

Our customer had a toilet training two year old who had had a couple of accidents recently causing the car to have this lingering urine smell even after washing the car seat thoroughly. Not only that, the vehicle had been used often for camping trips and school runs out bush for years prior and had never been professionally cleaned in over 10 years. The seats, carpet flooring, dash mat and car boot had substantial dirt, sand and dust embedded into the carpet fibres and desperately needed some TLC.

Process of Cleaning Car Interior

Firstly by using our commercial vacuum with HEPA filter our technician set out to remove 70-80% of the dirt and soiling from within the carpet fibres before applying a cleaning solution throughout which was then cleaned using a special upholstery took that both rinses the chemical from within the fibres and extracts the dirty water simultaneously. Depending on soiling levels this step can be sometimes repeated up to 3 times to ensure best results. When completed the interior is then sprayed with a deodoriser and neutralising solution to leave no sticky residue or bad odours. High speed air movers were then used to completely dry the upholstery before handing back to our client.

All parties involved in this clean were ecstatic with the final results and could not believe the transformation upon completion. So don’t put it off any longer, call us today on 1800 00 10 10 for a quote and see for yourself.