Cleaning Boat Upholstery in Our Factory

It seems the All Aces Services praise of excellence now travels interstate as staff discovered this week. A call from a boat owner living in NSW was received through our main office in Murarrie, Brisbane last week after hearing a glowing recommendation from one of his friends.

The customer wanted the seats from his boat upholstery cleaned as it was heavily soiled. He informed us that the seats condition was predominately caused from sweat and sunscreen grease. Of course we could work our magic, but the problem remained that our new customer was quite a fair distance away. It was decided that the boat owner would drive his boat up here and deliver them to us.

Boat Upholstery Cleaning Process

Once the boat seats were delivered, our lead factory technician Phill commenced work by pre-vacuuming the seats to remove as much dry soiling as possible before inspecting the fabric type and testing the colourfastness of the fabric. A selection of various solvent products were then also tested on the seat cushions to decide which one would dissolve the sunscreen with the best results. The cleaning process started by spraying the seats with the compatible pre-conditioner before agitating the cushions using a textured hand mitten and horse hair brush in a circular motion. This helped to loosen the sunscreen, dirt and grime from deep within the fibres.

A dual action hot water rinsing and extraction tool was then used to simultaneously rinse any cleaning chemical residue and extract the dirty water before a special neutralising and deodorising spray was applied to the whole area to make these boat cushions smell brand new. The cushions were then groomed and left to rest in front of high speed fans for a fast and efficient drying process.

Cleaning Boat Upholstery - Before and After photos

When we were certain the cushions were completely dry a final inspection was carried to confirm the best results were achieved. If in any case trouble areas need more attention, our technicians will repeat the cleaning process from conditioning stage to drying as many times as necessary to ensure your boat upholstery is returned in the best possible condition.

If you have any boat upholstery item that you believe could use some TLC and bringing back to its former glory, make the call today on 1800 00 10 10 and see what All Aces Services can do for you. We are forever learning new skills and are always willing are ready to assist.