How to Clean Mould Under a House

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration received an enquiry from a property owner located in Doonan on the Sunshine Coast regarding a mould issue found under their family home. We found out that the property had recently been subjected to water damage that originated in the kitchen. Another company was originally engaged for the restoration works.

The timber floor in the kitchen was replaced but the moisture in the timber floor in the adjoining rooms was not addressed properly. Consequently this caused mould growth that was particularly evident when looking at the floor from underneath the high-set home.

As the timber floor was installed on a plastic underlay it can make the drying process more difficult and unpredictable. However seeing as the property was a high-set home, we were able to dry the timber floor from the bottom up!

How to Clean Mould after Water Damage

Our technicians began by spraying the area thoroughly by hand using a trigger spray gun with an anti-microbial solution. A fogging technique was then used with an anti-microbial solution under the house to back up the first process ensuring all mould was treated to kill and inhibit mould growth.

The equipment was strategically placed underneath the home. The equipment was used on two different modes (recirculation mode, where the area is continuously heated up until either a temperature or humidity limit is reached, and exhaust mode where we exchange the warm, humid air with dry replenished air) in order to get the best drying results.

Drying the floor from underneath the property meant that there was less disruption for the occupants during the restoration process as they were not as affected by heat, noise and obstacles.

So if you think that you might have a water or mould issue that you think is too difficult to overcome then give us a call as on 1800 00 10 10 as you might be surprised what we can come up with!