Cleaning of Sisal Rugs

All Aces Services recently received a call from a client wanting their Sisal rugs cleaned. They had already tried numerous cleaning companies before calling us but none of the other companies would even attempt to clean the rugs.

Eventually the client ended up calling the store where she purchased the rugs from to see whether they could offer her any advice. The rug store recommended that she give us a call as we specialise in rug cleaning.

Sisal rugs are particularly difficult to clean as they are made from natural fibres (dried grass) so traditional rug cleaning methods will not work and would ruin them.

Our cleaning method involved using an absorbing compound with a similar look and texture to damp sand. The process for using this technique is time consuming but very effective.

Process for Cleaning Sisal Rugs

Firstly the rugs were pre vacuumed to ensure that as much of the dry soiling from within the rug fibres are removed as much as possible. This process also exposed any sprouting from within the rug for our technicians to trim off before applying the absorbing compound.

Once the compound was applied thoroughly from top to bottom it was left to sit to ensure that as much dirt and grime embedded in the rug fibres were absorbed as much as possible. When the compound had reached its absorption limit, we then vacuumed it off. This process was repeated several times to ensure that all soiling was removed.

The rugs were then hung to dry and high speed air movers are placed on them so that they dry back out as quickly as possible. When dry again, we completed a final groom and inspection in case any further sprouts appeared so they could be trimmed off.

At All Aces Services we dedicated to providing the best care to any of your cleaning requirements. We are all constantly learning and training new techniques and processes to achieve the best results for our clients. Call us on 1800 00 10 10 to see how we can help you today.

Sisal Rugs