Cleaning Dog Poop Stain on a Rug

A valued returning customer recently had this gorgeous rug cleaned with us back in June. Unfortunately for her only months later we received another call as her puppy had a diarrhoea accident on it so it needed to be cleaned and sanitised again to rectify the dog poop stain.

When the rug was brought into our factory our lead technician Phill, inspected the rug. He advised a spot and stain treatment was required, as well as a clean and sanitising treatment to ensure this rug could be brought back to its bright and stain free glory.

The cleaning process began by spraying the affected area with the appropriate chemical and allowing to rest for a while to ensure the faeces would start to dissolve and break down ready for the rinse and extraction stage. The rinse and extraction stage followed next by using a dual action cleaning tool that allows both rinsing and extraction of dirty water and dissolved particles to occur simultaneously. An enzyme based chemical was then applied to eat away at any bacteria left on the rug then rinsed and cleaned with the right solution to ensure the stain is removed. A sanitiser treatment was then applied to the whole rug and left to rest.

This rug was then vacuumed thoroughly and a cleaning solution was applied to wash the entire rug. Once the rug was washed, a neutralising and deodorising solution was applied to ensure the rug was clean, dog poop stain free and smelling fresh again.

Our technician then groomed the rug using a special rug brush to set the pile before placing it in our state of the art drying room which is humidity controlled. High speed air movers were placed strategically around the rug to ensure it dried thoroughly before completion.

Our customer was ecstatic with the end results upon collection of the rug and was amazed it looked like nothing had ever happened.

Don’t ever give up on your treasured rugs or carpets until you’ve had one of our vastly experienced, talented and qualified technicians have a look at them for you. Call us today 1800 00 10 10 for more information.

Dog Poop Stain