Cleaning a Beloved Antique Chair

Recently one of our technicians Abe was at a job at Norman Park on the east side of Brisbane when he came across a beautiful old antique chair. The chair was in poor condition and had two significant stains at first glance. The chair was purchased over 20 years ago but approximately 10 years ago our client’s children accidentally spilled something on it. After tirelessly trying to get the stain out herself, our client surrendered and the chair became a dust collector in the corner of a spare bedroom.

Sensing this chair was once a dearly loved possession of our clients, Abe approached our clients about it. After a brief discussion our clients agreed for Abe to bring the chair back to our factory in Murarrie for cleaning.

Our lead technician Phill took over the job and set out to bring this beautiful antique chair back to life. He began the process by vacuuming the antique chair with a commercial vacuum to remove any dry soiling from the surface and in the fabric fibres. A detergent was then applied hot to condition the fabric and start breaking down the soiling and stains.

Using a special pad Phill then agitated the area to loosen the soiling from the fabric. Steam extraction then followed using a specialised upholstery hand tool to both rinse the soiling and detergents from the fibres and extract the dirty water simultaneously. Phill then deodorised and neutralised the chair to ensure no sticky residue was left behind and the fabric smelt new and fresh. A dry towelling technique was used to ensure any excess water was removed before the chair was placed in front of high speed air movers to dry the chair completely before sending home to our client.

Again, the finished product amazed our client and she was overwhelmed with the result. Her beautiful antique chair no longer has to be hidden from view and has now taken pride place in the main lounge room in the home.

If you have an old antique piece of furniture in your home that has been unloved and hidden away due to staining or bad odour don’t give up on it yet. Call All Aces Services today on 1800 00 10 10 and arrange to have it brought into our factory for an inspection. Our technicians have years of experience and a readily available to assist you and bring your antiques right back to life.

Cleaning of an Antique Chair