Stain Removal becomes Water Damaged Carpet

Recently we received a call from a new customer who requested a Spot and Stain Treatment on her carpets near her kitchen. The stains were caused by dirty water that came out of her leaking dishwasher. Upon our technician’s arrival to her property in Kenmore, it was very clear that the job at hand was not going to be our standard Spot and Stain treatment at all. It was going to be a much more in depth service that would require much more work for the water damaged carpet.

Our Technicians called our office in Murarrie and requested assistance from our Restoration team who were sent straight away to establish exactly how extensive the water damage actually was.

Within minutes it was apparent that not only was there damage to the carpet but the timber floor and concrete subfloor surrounding the kitchen were wet through as well. The carpets were pulled back to discover that mould had already started to grow on the back of the carpet. Mould spores usually cause health problems when they are inhaled in large numbers. This may occur with very active mould growth within indoor environments. Mould can produce adverse health effects such as inflammation, allergy, or infection. Knowing this, our technicians ruled it unsafe to keep the water damaged carpet and so they were completely removed and deemed to be not restorable.

By this stage our client was busy on their phone calling their insurance company to make their claim and to ensure they were covered for such an event. A plumber was also called to rectify the problem with the dishwasher where it was found that a loose connection was the culprit. With the green light to go ahead from both the plumber and insurance company, our technicians began to rectify the problem immediately by setting up drying equipment to skirting, concrete subfloor and timber floor areas. Drying mats were used in this case as they are quieter and more efficient in a small area such as this.

Our client was very thankful that All Aces Services was there to help so quickly and efficiently in their time of need. If you have a concern regarding water stains, musty smells or leaking taps and think you may also have an underlying issue please do not hesitate to call our office on 1800 00 10 10 for more information.