Rental Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Recently we received a cry for help from a customer who needed both a full exit carpet clean as well as a full rental bond cleaning for her property in Murarrie on the south side of Brisbane. We sent two of our technicians to her property to clean all areas including windows and window tracks, walls, skirting boards, cupboards, bathrooms, toilets, light fittings, kitchen, oven, range-hood, hard floors and carpets.

Rental Bond Cleaning Process

Upon arrival to the property our technicians could see that areas such as the oven, cook top and showers needed extra attention. When cleaning the oven and cook top our technician applied a degreaser to help loosen any tough grime. A high alkaline cleaning solution was then diluted with hot water to make the cleaning process easier. Using some old fashioned elbow grease to scrub our technician worked their magic. The surfaces were then wiped down and polished until they were dry to touch and sparkling clean to the eye.

Our technician then made their way to the showers where a chemical is then sprayed throughout the shower making sure no surface is left unsprayed including glass doors and walls. This too is left to sit for a while before scrubbing and rinsing occurs. Once the main problem areas were taken care of continued on cleaning the other areas such as the windows, window tracks, cupboards and walls.

An exit carpet clean was then completed. This process began with a pre-vacuum to make sure as many dirt particles were picked up and removed. The carpet was then pre-conditioned and deodorised using a detergent that was applied hot to start breaking down any soiling. The carpets were then cleaned using hot water steam extraction to thoroughly rinse the carpets.

Instead of having to find multiple companies for your next rental bond cleaning experience, consider All Aces Services where we can take care of all of the above and more saving you time and the extra stress. Please give us a call on 1800 00 10 10 today!

Rental Bond Cleaning in Brisbane on a dirty oven