How to Clean Leather Couch like a Pro

Do you have old, stained and tired looking Leather furniture around your home? Whether it be your Lounge Suite, Ottoman, Dining chairs or even your Vehicle interior, All Aces Cleaning & Restoration can bring it back to life using our specialised leather cleaning techniques and protection solutions.

Recently one of our technicians Mark went to a property to restore a VIP client’s Leather Lounge Suite and Ottoman back to its former glory. At first our clients were considering replacing the lounge suite but decided on trying our cleaning services, they did not hold onto much hope.

How to Clean a Leather Lounge

When Mark arrived it was apparent that the lounge was old, tired and well used. By using a 15:1 leather cleaner and scotch bright white pads to clean the lounge by hand and light rotary agitation Mark was able to breathe new life into this family’s beloved item of furniture. The cleaning process ensures the removal of old deeply ingrained dirt and oils, brightening the colour of the leather by up to 60% and moisturises the leather ensuring it becomes soft and shiny again. Once the cleaning process was complete Mark then performed a protection procedure on both the lounge and the ottoman using our specialised crème leather protection solution. Adding protection to leather furniture and upholstery lengthens the life span dramatically and protects it from most staining agents and also ensures a much longer life span.

Upon completion of this clean our clients were absolutely amazed at the results and could not believe their eyes. This Lounge was like new again and our clients could not have been happier with the finished result.

So, before deciding that your expensive leather items have seen their last days in your home or vehicle, please call one of our friendly staff members on 1800 00 10 10 for a no obligation quote today. We have many different services on offer to not only clean but protect and are ready and willing to take your call.

How to clean a leather lounge like a professional