Cleaning Wool Rugs After Many Years of Storage

This week we had a gentleman come into our office in Murarrie, Brisbane with his two Chinese wool rugs that he had imported from England over 30 years ago. He informed us that they had been in storage for years and that he had finally found the right place to put them in his home. When he pulled them out from storage he discovered that they were browned out from age and had a very musty smell.

Once assessed, it was apparent the rugs were in their current state due to both the age of the rugs and the fact that they were clearly not stored correctly. The gentleman was advised that we could definitely provide services for cleaning wool rugs to rectify the musty smell and that the browning could be improved dramatically.

Procedure for Cleaning Wool Rugs

The rugs were then taken into the factory where the cleaning process began with the use of a Rug Badger machine. This was carried out whilst the rug is upside down over a raised surface using heavy vibration to essentially beat any dirt particles loose. The rugs were then vacuumed using a HEPA Filter Vacuum cleaner to ensure as much dirt and dust is removed prior to adding any chemicals.

Our technician then used a pre-spray on any spots and stains followed by a specific wool detergent for the rugs at hand. Our Extraction Wand was then used which applies water for rinsing and extracts the dirty water at the same time. A neutralising and deodorising solution is then applied to both rugs to ensure these rugs would leave smelling fresh and new again. The rug was then groomed to promote the drying process.

Our factory has a state of the art Drying Room that is humidity controlled making for best drying conditions.  The rugs were then placed in there along with High Speed Air Movers that were strategically placed to promote best air circulation for the drying of these rugs.

A final groom and all over assessment was done before informing our client that his rugs were ready for pickup. So before you consider discarding your rugs because of age or staining please call us on 1800 00 10 10 to see whether your rugs can be restored to their former glory.

Cleaning Wool Rugs from China - Photo 02 Cleaning Wool Rugs from China - Photo 01