Cleaning Antique Lamp Shades

This week at All Aces our Brisbane office sent technician Abe to a residential carpet clean nearby in Balmoral.
Whilst there, our client approached Abe and asked him some questions regarding her treasured lamp shade.

As you can see in the before photos there was a large water stain that had turned brown and our client was debating whether or not it was time to dispose of it. Abe informed our client that didn’t need to happen as we could give antique lamp shades a new lease of life. Due to its history and age he was not confident in cleaning it on site so the antique lamp was brought back to our factory in Murarrie. Our lead factory technician Phil, not only had the experience but the knowledge and equipment better suited for the job. Phil completed a few spot test cleans to make sure he was using the correct method for the type of material the lamp was made of and the colourings. Once a cleaning plan was established he pre vacuumed the lamp shade to ensure as much dust and dirt particles were removed before the cleaning process could commence.

A specific oxidising agent was then sprayed over the problem areas and left for a while to dissolve the staining. A special upholstery cleaning tool then simultaneously rinsed and extracted water and chemicals from the lamp. A dry padding technique was then used to make sure any excess water and dirt was removed. Phil then placed the lamp shade in front of a high speed fan for some time to complete the process. The fan was used to ensure the area was dried as quickly as possible to prevent more browning stains and watermarks.

Stunning Antique Lamp Shades

By looking at the after photos it is obvious that this beloved family heirloom has now been resorted to its former glory.  When our customer was phoned to be notified the job was completed she couldn’t wait to see it. Upon her arrival to our factory for collection she was beside herself with tears of joy and could not thank our technicians enough for the fantastic end result.

Before deciding something is non restorable and ready for the trash, think twice. All Aces services technicians have a vast spectrum of knowledge and experience in cleaning just about anything in your home, commercial business, car or boat. Please phone us and ask one of our friendly staff members any questions you may have 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 1800 00 10 10.