What Your Furniture Says About You

You bought it because you liked it. It works well in your rooms, and you have owned it for a while. By now, if you are like most of us, you take your furniture for granted. You are so used to its being in your home or office that you don’t notice the spots and stains that have accumulated on your upholstery or the cleaning that it needs.

Upholstered Furniture being Cleaned by a ProfessionalBut, if you want to have your furniture last, you need to think seriously about having a professional upholstery cleaner like All Aces Services clean it and get it back in tip top condition. Stains happen, but they don’t have to be permanent.

A professional upholstery cleaner will:

  • Steam clean your upholstery
  • Clean it with warm water
  • Use dry foam on it to clean it
  • Use solvents as necessary to remove tough stains.

Whether we like it or not, we are judged and evaluated by our furniture. Fine furniture is a type of art. Antique furniture is a part of our family history that has been passed down to us. The way we maintain our furniture can be a reflection of how we treat others.

What our choice of furniture says about our personality

According to April Labarron on SundayBell, our choice of furniture says a lot about our personality.

  • Traditional style furniture tells people we want to impress them and that we are practical, formal, and indulge in nostalgia.
  • Contemporary and Modern furniture says we are trendy, stylish, uncomplicated, and that we prefer simplicity.
  • Casual style furniture invites our friends and family to be comfortable in our presence. It says we are laid back and relaxed.
  • Eclectic furniture is a mixture of styles, fabrics, and textures, with antique furniture blending with modern. It says we are a bit unconventional and non-conformist, and that we value freedom and the ability to make choices.

In offices when furniture has not been properly cleaned, stained and spotted furniture can give clients the very subtle message that if the management doesn’t take good care of their furniture, they may not be taken care of either.

It is important to have upholstery cleaned a couple of times a year, and more often in homes where pets and children create stains on furniture. The professional upholstery cleaning crew at All Aces Services will take excellent care of your furniture in your office and in your home. What your furniture will be saying about you after their work is done will be “Come in, relax, and enjoy my home and office.”