Leaking Shower Head in Bathroom

Our Brisbane office received a call recently from one of our clients regarding a leak in their bathroom wall that was caused by a leaking shower head that ran down a crack in the shower grout.

The property in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast was attended to by our lead Restoration Technician, Daryl.  After assessing the damage to both walls in the bedroom and hallway he made the informed decision to use a heat drying equipment to rectify to problem.

This technique began with our technician setting up the mats along the affected area. These Drymatic Heat mats work by air being fanned into the mats with hot air releasing through small holes throughout the mats. This course of action was chosen as it is a quieter method to high speed air movers and dehumidification. As it was also a reasonably small area to rectify it ensured the moisture was removed quickly and the building was returned to its owner in a shorter time frame.

As you can see from the images an infrared camera is also used throughout this drying process to constantly monitor the temperature and moisture levels. Raising temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade within a building is sufficient enough to increase the rate of evaporation. A lot of heat energy is not required and if the temperature is raised gradually then the materials are not at all stressed by the heat transfer process. The system described above is an ideal one that most modern technicians can use.

All Aces Services is dedicated to providing you with the best quality and state of the art restoration solutions any time of day and night. We recommend you check your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and toilet areas regularly for any leaks to avoid disasters causing structural damage to your home. For further information or a quote please call us today on 1800 001 010.

Drymatic heat rying with boost box and matsFLIR gun to measure temperature and moisture