How to Remove Mould As a Certified Professional

At All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we specialise in mould removal and restoration. Our Technicians are highly trained and experienced in how to remove mould and pride ourselves in providing the best results in all instances.

What is mould you ask? Mould is a fungal growth that will grow under the right conditions of darkness, poor ventilation or dampness. Most common areas inside your home are the bathroom, kitchen or plumbing pipes however walls, timber, carpet, furniture and fabrics can also harbour mould if they are left damp for extended periods of time. Key indications that you may have a mould issue can be musty smells, fixtures that are damp to the touch or most obviously a visible sign of Mould (this can be seen clearly in image 2 below).

Recently our Brisbane office received a call from a client who after having a Plumber confirm there was a slow leak in the wall that a piano and book case were hiding for some time. In these cases we must act as quickly as possible to rectify these issues as the building can be compromised if the drying process is not carried out quickly and effectively. Mould can also be extremely detrimental to your health and is very dangerous if not rectified as soon as possible.

How To Remove Mould Process

You can see in Images below the extent of Mould growth. A significant section of the wall had to be removed to access the Mould so that our technicians could apply an anti-microbial Treatment to kill the Mould and prevent any further growth.

We then place high speed structural drying fans appropriately to dry out all wall structures. Once this process is complete we return to clean off any surface mould on Timber framing and surrounding areas. This process must be completed so that further renovations can then be arranged safety and to prevent any reassurance. As a certified and trained professional restoration technician these are the steps on how to remove mould properly.

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How to remove mould on walls