Car Interior Cleaning after Spilled Sour Milk

‘’There’s no use crying over spilled milk…” well not in this customer’s case. This week our factory at Murarrie was delivered a BMW with a terrible smell under the front passenger seat due to spilled milk.

Our lead factory Technician Phil upon his inspection had to remove the back passenger seat so we could pull up the carpet for cleaning. He also found the milk had gone into the speaker under the passenger seat which ruined it so it needed to be replaced.  Maggots were also found between the metal subfloor and the foam underlay so we applied insecticide to kill the maggots and any left over substance the maggots had left behind.

The metal sub floor and foam underlay of the car were cleaned with an active enzyme cleaner and Hot water extraction of the foam was repeated 3 times to make sure all the sour milk was removed. The car was then placed into our state of the art drying chamber and a Hydroxyl and air movers were placed in the car and left over the weekend to ensure all smells were gone and all cleaned interior was left dry.

At all aces services we like to go that extra mile so our technician did just that by vacuuming the rear seats and reassembling without speaker and completely washed the outside of the car all complementary.

Below you can see images from start to finish of these processes and see for yourself the difference our highly experienced technicians can make to your vehicle with our specialised car interior cleaning services.

Car Interior Cleaning in a BMW after spilled milk.