Why Fire and Water Damage Come Together

It’s very often that fire and water damage come together. When your house suffered a fire loss and caught a lot of water in putting out the fire, there are important things you need to do to lessen the damage.

Scope of Fire Damage

Although you may have practice experience and knowledge about fire damage, only a licensed inspector like a safety engineer can determine the safety of any house. Thus, we advise that you contact a professional inspector to assess the scope of the damage.

Depending on the assessment, you may need a professional restoration company to fix the damage. We recommend that you hire a professional restoration company like All Aces Services that is IICRC certified and has a vast experience handling similar situations in this field.

As you wait for the restoration company to come over your house, there are simple things you can do to get the recovery started.

  1. You can remove smoke from the house by using carpet or fire fans from local store. But you should not worry about this since a professional restoration company has the best equipment to remove smoke and smoke odour from a fire damaged property.
  2. Remove water from areas where you can safely do so.
  3. Take away your water damaged carpet and put it a safe and dry location. Water damaged carpet should be treated by a restoration professional.
  4. You can put Vaseline on metal materials to prevent corrosion.
  5. You should not proceed with cleaning your walls unless you have been given the correct instructions to do it. If you do this incorrectly, it will just lead to more damage
  6. Scraps of hardwood should be removed and put in dry location. This will help prevent the growth of mould and permanent staining.
  7. You can use commercial dehumidifiers in each room of your house to help remove moisture and prevent mould growth. Additional equipment may be needed, but this is a good start.

It is recommended that you do not throw away anything as it may be restored later. Insurance companies also determine the value of burnt items and pay the amount.

Immediate action is needed to arrest the ongoing damage caused by fire and water. It is important that you call a professional restoration company like All Aces Services to quickly assess damage and give you a instant quote.

All Aces Services is an IICRC certified company in Brisbane. We have the knowledge, skills, and the latest technology to test materials and apply fire and water damage restoration method needed to bring your property and damaged items to their pre-incident condition. All Aces Services works closely with you and your insurance company to ensure total cleanup and restoration is as fast, efficient, and safe as possible.

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