Water Damage Restoration Can Solve Your Mould Problems

You may not even realise you need water damage restoration, but in many instances it can help you have a healthier home.

Take Sylvia, for instance. Sylvia was a very active 70-year-old lady. Her husband had died years ago, and Sylvia was active in her church, socialised with her friends, and often visited her daughter.

But Sylvia had a villain lurking in her home. She had a water pipe that had sprung a leak and was slowly soaking the insulation in the crawl space under her home. The mould that grew from this seeping water accumulated so slowly that Sylvia easily grew used to the odour.

Before long, the odour of mould had permeated Sylvia’s whole household. It could be found:

  • In her clothes
  • In her lungs
  • In her furniture and carpeting
  • In all her prized possessions.

Bathroom with mould problems

Sylvia’s previously good health began to deteriorate. She soon noticed she had a lot of respiratory problems such as wheezing, a runny nose, and coughing when she was in her home.

Her friends mentioned the musty odour Sylvia had about her when they got together with her. Her daughter, who had a severe mould allergy, had to be next to a strong air purifier whenever Sylvia visited. But Sylvia discounted all of this feedback because she could not smell the mould.

Mould has a tendency to deaden the receptors in the nose so that the person living around it cannot smell it. In time, Sylvia’s heart condition worsened. According to Healthline, mould can cause myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart that can lead to other complications.

Mould also produces mycotoxins which pose quite serious health threats to both people and pets. An exposure to huge levels of mycotoxins can cause neurological damage also.

Mould also actively damages the materials it grows on. The implications for humans and the damage mould can cause homes and other buildings is the reason why, at the first sign of water damage, it is important to call a professional to begin water damage restoration.

Mould Remediation Steps Include:

  • Evaluation of the extent of the mould to determine what mould remediation strategies are necessary
  • Determination of what structural damage has occurred so that you can arrange for restorative carpentry work to be done
  • Killing of mould within the home.
  • Cleaning mouldy carpets, draperies and furniture.
  • Other mould remediation as needed.

All Aces Services will restore your home to its previous healthy environment.