Removing Furniture Carpet Dent in the Carpet

It’s annoying when you see dents in your carpet after moving a big piece of furniture, isn’t it? These dents in your carpet are caused by heavy and constant pressure, which are usually produced by furniture placed on top of your carpet. They may look irreversible, but do not worry because your carpet surface can have its original look in due time by following these simple tricks for removing furniture dent.

Ice cubes

Fight the dent using ice cubes. Put some ice cubes on the dent for few hours. When the ice cubes have melted, use a clean towel or sponge to absorb excess water. After a day, use a spoon or fork to help in lifting the fibres of the carpet. Repeat the process if you see that the dent is still visible.

Hot iron

An exact opposite of the first method, you can use a steam iron to remove dent. Place a clean cloth over the dent and steam heat with an iron. You should NOT place the iron directly on the dent. After that, gently lift the fibres of the carpet using a spoon or fork.

Damp towel plus iron

If the above method still does not work, then you can try placing a damp towel over the dent in the carpet and an iron. Put the iron on medium heat and iron the towel for 30 to 60 seconds. Again, do not put the iron directly on top of the carpet to avoid damage. Leave the towel on the dent and let it dry. After it, vacuum the carpet to bring back the full height of the carpet fibres.

Blow dryer

Another trick is to sprinkle the dent with water then use a blow dryer to apply heat to the affected areas. This will work especially of your carpet is made of nylon or wool fibres. Make use of your fingers to lift up the fibres while drying up.

A professional steam cleaning by All Aces Services can also help remove dent in your carpet. We can steam clean your carpet and soften the carpet fibres to allow them to return to their best condition.

If you do not want dents in your carpet in the future, there are several things you can do as a precautionary measure. Installing a high-density, dent-resistant carpet pad can help. This can help the carpet withstand the weight and pressure of heavy furniture. Furniture coasters, although not pleasing to the eye, can also help. Lastly, you can move your furniture more often to avoid dent and making it permanent in your carpet.

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