Why Choosing A Professional Damage Restoration Company Is Better Than Choosing A Handyman?

Your home is flooded. This is a nightmare to face. The worst has happened to your home. Whether the damage is a result of plumbing problems or natural disaster, water damage can really be overwhelming and expensive to face. As a home or business owner, you may probably think fast about looking for the cheapest contractor or handyman to clean up the mess and restore the damage. It is important to remember, however, that you often get what you pay for. Water damage is a problem that needs the expertise of a professional damage restoration company like All Aces Services.

Why not a handyman?

There are several things that a professional water damage restoration company has that can help you recover from any water damage loss in Brisbane. Restoration companies like All Aces Services have the needed manpower, experience, and deliver results that you can trust.


Water damage restoration, especially when it is large-scale, requires a team of expert restoration professionals. In an emergency situation like this, restoration must be done the soonest time possible. Building materials when exposed to moisture more than 48 hours are prone to secondary damage like rust and mould growth. Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage problem.

You should not trust the clean-up and restoration to a handyman because most of the time handyman may only have one or two people to work on the project when it is convenient. What you need is a swift response from a professional water damage restoration company. Most restoration companies also work with your insurance company, leaving you no time spent on confusing paperwork and complicated insurance claim.

All Aces Services


Water damage cleanup and restoration can be a complicated process that most handymen do not know how to handle. Restoration specialists have the understanding of all the affected materials, the effect of water on the structure, and the knowledge and training of using the right restoration equipment and cleaning agents to remove moisture, sanitise, and eradicate mould and fungal growth.

All Aces Services has restoration professionals who have constant training of the latest technique in the restoration industry and certificated by IICRC. In addition, we have the latest technology to use such as moisture detection tools, air movers, and odour control products. Handymen, on the other hand, may only have limited tools such as old box fans and mops.


Do not give yourself a headache by expecting great restoration results when you hire cheap handymen to do a restoration project. Trust a professional restoration company who can deliver better restoration job. With All Aces Services, you can expect great results after the restoration. We do every restoration job right the first time. Always call an expert when you experience water damage. This can save you more time and money in the long run than hiring cheap handymen.