Synthetic Rug Cleaning in Brisbane

A decade ago when people in Brisbane walk in a rug store, they used to purchase wool rug. Wool has clearly been the choice for many rug buyers because of its qualities – longevity, vivid dye colours, and easy cleaning. Today is a new story at the rug store. You can see a lot of synthetic rugs that are designed out of polyster, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, and other viscous materials.

There are characteristics of synthetic rugs that are entirely different from wool. Since they are made of artificial material, they can get dirty sooner than a wool rug. Dirt sticks easily to the fibres of synthetic rugs. Regular cleaning and maintenance is needed to keep them look clean.

Synthetic rugs are prone to soiling with its smooth strands not capable of hiding the dirt. Compared with wool, they can also wear and tear sooner since they are made of artificial fibres. They can also attract fine things easily such as pet hair. They can hold odours from pets and stains since they are wrapped around jute backing. Jute material is susceptible to hold odours. They are non-renewable.

Many people buy synthetic rugs because they are cost-effective. It is relatively cheaper than a wool rug. This is its biggest advantage over any other type of rugs you see a Brisbane rug store. Synthetic ones come in dynamic shapes, designs, and colours as well. They are also resistant to browning and pet urine damage. They are a good choice for areas where there is high traffic, since they resist staining.

Of course, like any other type of rug, you can make your synthetic rug lasts longer when you know how to take care of it the right way. If you clean it regularly and you attend to any spill or stain immediately, you will keep it looking good and clean for a long time.

As a synthetic rug owner in Brisbane, there are several ways you can keep your rug last longer. It is very important that you vacuum it at least once a day. For rugs in high traffic areas, you can vacuum it more often.

Any stain and spill must be attended immediately, as mentioned earlier. Use a clean paper towel or white rag to blot up any liquid stain. Keep blotting until you see that the towel or rag can’t absorb any more liquid. If the stain is not removed after repeating the process, it’s wise to call a rug stain removal specialists from a cleaning company like All Aces Services.

One important way to keep the longevity and cleanliness of your synthetic rug is to have it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner at least once every six months. Service clean is much better than using rental cleaners, since professional rug cleaners have a better cleaning technique and use more powerful rug cleaning equipment.

With All Aces Services, you can get a free quote for your professional synthetic rug cleaning. Call us at 1 800 00 10 10 for this cleaning service. You can also drop by our facility any week day and drop your off for cleaning.

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