Preparing Your Home before Professional Carpet Cleaning

So you’ve scheduled an appointment with All Aces Services, and now you’re wondering what to do before our friendly and courteous technicians arrive at your home and clean your dirty carpets? There are some things you should do before professional carpet cleaners arrive at your home. Check out the following things.

The first thing to consider is the area or room you would like to be cleaned. Once you’ve decided which room to be cleaned, then you’ll know where to start.

Move furniture, if needed

Is there furniture that needs to be removed from the room? If the answer is yes, then you need to determine whether you can move the furniture by yourself or not. If not, our carpet cleaners will move pieces for you.

move furniture for cleaning

There are other carpet cleaners in Brisbane that move furniture at a cost or they have limitations on the size of the furniture to be moved. In any event, you can move smaller objects in the room such as plant stands and chairs. You must also remove any fragile item like china in the room if you’re going to ask the carpet cleaners to move furniture for you.

Vacuum, if you can

Vacuum your carpet, if you can. This way you can remove much debris and dirt from the fibres of your carpet before the professional cleaning. This can help carpet cleaners like us to focus on the deep down soiled-in dirt. But do not worry if you can’t vacuum your carpet before we arrive because we can do that for you as well.

Got pets?

Many homeowners in Brisbane also own pets like dogs and cats. Professional carpet cleaning can be noisy and it may frighten your pets. Cleaning equipment typically products loud sound. Make sure that you have a plan for your pets to make them safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the cleaning.

We want to remind you too that the door may be open during the cleaning process for the hoses. Make sure that your pets are safe and not roaming around during the cleaning.

Lock up valuables

Our technicians are honest; we can assure you of that. This is just a reminder for you involving other carpet cleaners that you may not know personally. Put any valuable item like jewellery in a safe place. Do not leave any valuable portable device out in the open.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’re assure that the professional cleaning from us will go smooth.

In summary, the four things that you should do before a professional carpet cleaning team arrives at your home are the following – move furniture if you can, vacuum your carpet, secure your pets, and lock up valuable items.