Fire Safety Checklist for Every Business

If you are a business owner or building manager in Brisbane, you know that fire safety is a top concern. When fire occurs in your business, it can have a devastating impact. A fire can race through a commercial property in a matter of minutes, giving you and your employees a very limited time to escape.

As a business owner building manager in Queensland, you have a legal responsibility for ensuring safety of any person in your building in the event of fire or other emergency. You must comply with the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 (FESA) and the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 (BFSR). You are also required by the law to comply with the requirements of Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part (QDC MP) 6.1.

What can you do to prevent fire?

Out fire damage restoration specialists at All Aces Services prepare a business fire safety checklist for you.

[ ] Are your fire extinguishers up to date?

[ ] Are your fire extinguishers easily accessible and properly mounted and free from obstructions?

[ ] Is your hood system working properly and up to date?

[ ] Are sprinklers working properly and free from obstruction?

[ ] Are your fire doors in good condition and free from obstruction?

[ ] Do you have enough number of fire extinguishers in your building?

[ ] Are exit doors properly marked, illuminated, and free from obstruction?

[ ] Are the exit doors unlocked?

[ ] Are the exit doors well lit?

[ ] Are your employees aware of the location of your fire extinguishers and exit doors?

[ ] Are all electrical plates and outlets free from exposed wiring?

[ ] Are extension cords in good condition and used properly?

[ ] Are the hallways and storage spaces clutter-free?

[ ] Are combustible materials like cardboard boxes away from a heat source?

[ ] Are your machinery and appliances turned off when not in use?

[ ] Is there an organized fire safety and evacuation training for you and your staff?

[ ] Do you practice regular fire drills?

As a building owner, you should have contingency plan as well. You should know what information is necessary for business continuity. Storage of important information, both hard copy and electronic, is very important.

Businesses in Brisbane need to have emergency plan and procedures in place to prevent the occurrence of fires and help their business recover in case an unforeseen emergency takes place. It is also important to get a professional fire damage restoration company like All Aces Services to deal with any kind of damage restoration to help your business back to normal as soon as possible.

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