Creepy Crawlies in Your Carpets

Do you know that there are creepy crawlies in your carpets if they are dirty? Dirty carpets are a sanctuary of tiny creepy creatures. If only you need to just worry about spills or stains about your carpet! Bugs are not the only thing lurking in your carpet; there are also nasty little things you can’t see. Let’s discover what these creepy crawlies are and what you can do to remove them.


They love to live in your carpet fibres. Since your carpet is made out of knotted wool, it can be a paradise for house beetle grubs or ‘woolly bears.’ Do you know that these creepy crawlies produce chemicals in their stomachs that can convert wool into sugar? Yes, they eat your carpet like cotton candy!

There are also other bugs like firebrat that thrives in your carpet when it is placed near a fireplace. This creature has a long, flexible body and can devour your carpet. Caterpillar, on the other hand, makes cocoon in the deep cavity of your carpet while dust mites live in warm and humid conditions. Dust mites eat dead skin cells and live in your carpet and furniture. If you have pets, fleas can also live in your carpet especially when the temperature is high and dry.


Just when you think that bugs are the only crawlies, there are a lot more in your carpet! Bacteria can thrive in it for four weeks. Bacteria can be a result of several factors like soil that has accumulated in your carpet, dead skin cells from humans that have been imbedded and even spills and stains that were not completely removed from the carpet. House moulds can also grow in your carpet.


Carpet can trap allergens. If there is a smoker in your family, make sure he or she does not smoke inside your home because carcinogens from cigarettes can be trapped in your carpet. Carcinogens are dangerous to your health.

As stated above, dust mites are crawlies that can be a source of allergens as well. Once dust mites leave residue and mixed with dust and become airborne, allergies can be produced.

In order to improve indoor air quality, proper carpet and anti-allergen cleaning must be done.

What All Aces Services can do?

No more talk of creepy crawlies in your carpet! Our professional carpet cleaners at All Aces Services can remove all these crawlies using our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning system. We have professional pest exterminators that can remove any insect or creature lurking in your carpet.

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