Avoid These Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes

Your tile flooring is one of the most expensive investments you’ve made for your home or business. Although tile floors are expensive, they are mostly neglected by home and business owners. Having a clean tile floor is very important, particularly if you own a business. Clean tiles make your home or business look clean, fresh, and inviting. Most importantly, it makes your property cleaner, safer, and healthier.

In order to keep your tile clean and fresh, you should spend time cleaning tile grout as well. Hiring a professional grout cleaning services like All Aces Services is the best, although the most expensive, way to get the grout cleaned from all tiles in your property. However, when you decide to clean the grout, you should avoid these common grout cleaning mistakes.

Using harsh cleaning agents

This is a big no-no! Ammonia and bleach based cleaning agents can ruin the grout and tiles if you do not know the correct way of using them. These chemicals can give brilliance to your grout, but only professional cleaners can use them very effectively. Using a milder solution may be the right choice for you. You should not use oil-based cleaners if you have glazed or shiny tiles.

Scrubbing the grout and tile vigorously

This can destroy both the tile and grout as they ca be scratched very easily. Be careful when you scrub your tiles, particularly if you have glazed tiles because they can have visible marks due to vigorous scrubbing. Using abrasive brushes, steel wool, and scrubbing powder may scratch your tiles. We recommend you use old clothes and rags to wipe the grout.

Not mopping the floor regularly

Regularly means daily mopping. Avoid making you grout and tiles dirty by performing mopping on a daily basis. Dust, mud, and soil from the outside can accumulate on the tiles over time and make their way into the grout. If they sit on the tile and grout for a long time, they may be very difficult to remove. For this reason, you should mop the floor daily.

Cleaning tile and grout using a beater bar

This is another no-no! This cleaning tool is not meant to be used for a tile floor. This tool can scratch the tile and it can make it look dull. Make sure to turn off the beater bar when you use vacuum cleaners to avoid damage to your tile floor.

Allowing stains and spills to sit

Acting immediately to remove any stain or spill from the tile and grout is very important if you do not want them to stay forever on your floor. If you let them sit for an extended period of time, you may not be able to remove them later. Any stain that can discolour your carpet can also discolour your grout and tile. Act fast when you see a spill!

Not using furniture protectors

Is there a furniture sitting on your tile floor? Use furniture protectors on the bottom of table legs and chairs and potted plants beneath them. This way your tile floor can be protected from cracking or chipping.

Not sealing and caulking the grout

Caulking is needed for tile surfaces that are regularly exposed to moisture. The caulking should not peel away. Sealing, on the other hand, protects that grout from tearing, wearing, staining, and damage. All Aces Services can perform caulking and sealing effectively for your tile floor.

Avoid these common mistakes to protect your tile and grout. It is better if you entrust the cleaning, caulking, and sealing to professional tile and grout cleaners like us. We have the ability to not just dilute and suspend the dirt but to remove any stain from your tile and grout. Our grout cleaning process includes the use of high pressure, hot water, emulsifier and powerful vacuum cleaner.

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