Toilet Overflow Cleanup and Professional Restoration Service

An unsanitary indoor flood caused by toilet overflow is probably one of the worst things to deal with. This nasty form of water flooding can happen to your home or business. Toilet water is highly dangerous because it is unsanitary. It is a source of harmful biological organisms and can lead to structural damage in any building.

There are two main causes of toilet overflow. The first cause is clogging in the pipeline that impedes the water and waste materials from flowing freely within the pipeline. Clogging can be caused by different objects such as tissue paper, feminine napkins, and even toys that were flushed. Bad clogging can result in water back up into the surface which gives unsanitary condition.

The second cause is related to malfunctioning toilet and when water comes in continuously. Toilet tanks are made to cut off the water supply once they are full, but when they malfunction, water can come in non-stop and can lead to indoor flood. This is more sanitary than the first type of flooding that comes directly from the toilet bowl. Still, it is not healthy and it should be fixed immediately.

When toilet overflow happens in your home or business, there is a myriad of risks it can give to both people who live in the affected property and the structure. Since you are dealing with water that may be moderately to highly contaminated, we recommend that you talk to a restoration expert like All Aces Services. Here are the risks that a toilet overflow can give.

Structural Damage –Contaminated water can go deep into the structure, causing significant damage to wood and concrete parts of the building. It can cause wood to crack or flake off and metal to corrode faster. It weakens the structure.

Mould Growth – Toilet water can result in moist conditions, perfect for mould growth. Drywall, wallpaper, and wood when damp can encourage growth of mould.

Clean Water Contamination – If the toilet water reaches the area where clean water is stored, it can contaminate it. If this happens, bacteria can grow and people who drink from it will become ill.

Air Contamination – Toilet water, black water in particular, can leave unpleasant odours behind. If there is unpleasant odour, it can disrupt normalcy at home and in the workplace.

Carpet and Rug Damage – If toilet water reaches your carpet and rugs, it can spell disaster. Black water, in particular, can ruin your carpet and rug and render them unfit for use if they are not properly restored.

Furniture and Appliance Damage – Toilet water can also destroy your furniture and appliance.

Toilet overflow cleanup and restoration is a challenging task. It may be difficult for a homeowner or business owner to perform the task. Proper gear, equipment, and expertise are needed to do it properly and effectively.

It is important that you leave the cleanup and damage restoration to a restoration company like All Aces Services. Let our skilled restoration specialists do the dirty job for you. With us, toilet overflow cleanup is done professionally and quickly. We can bring your property back to its pre-damaged condition.

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