Why Car Interior Cleaning Is Important

Does your car start to smell foul from the inside? Nothing is worse than opening the door of your car and smell bad odour coming from its garbage strewn and stained interior. If it’s been a long time since you have a fresh smell from your car, now is the time to clean its interior.

Cleaning its interior is very important if you want to maintain a healthy indoor environment and enjoyable ride for you and your family. Although you may have a busy schedule, it is important that you spend time to clean its interior when you see junk things like wrappers and food containers, grime and dust clinging to its upholstery, and dirt on its floor. If you are too busy to do the cleaning, you can entrust it to a professional car interior cleaning Brisbane company like All Aces Services to do the job.

There are effective ways of cleaning the interior of your car. Here are some things you can do to bring back the freshness of smell and sparkling leather interior.


Vacuuming the floor mats, seats, and carpet should be done. You can vacuum under the car seats, around the pedals, and the area between the front seat and centre console. With low suction power, vacuum the dashboard, doors, and centre console. Take extra precaution when you vacuum leather seats.

Leather Cleaning

Well-maintained leather can be a significant plus when you try to sell your car. Leather is easy to maintain. When you clean it, make sure to work on one section at a time. Clean along the lines where dirt can easily accumulate. Use stiff brush to scrub soiled areas. Use a clean cloth or a baby wipes to wipe off the cleaner.

If there are stains, make sure to test your cleaning solution in a hidden area to ensure it won’t discolour the leather. Use a conditioner to treat the leather after cleaning to maintain leather suppleness and replenish its oils.

Act Immediately on Spills

When there is an accidental spill on your fabric upholstery, you must act quickly and remove the spill using a clean cloth or paper towels. Blotting the spill must be done. Do not wipe it off because it can go deep into the fabric. If you let a day or two pass by without attending to the spill, the chance is it may be impossible to remove the spill.

You can use a neutral detergent and water (1 is to 20 ratio) to clean the spill. If it does not remove the spill, it is time to call our stain removal specialist at All Aces Services to do the job.

Foul Odour

Foul car odour may come from different organic sources such as food, vomit, urine, mould, and even your dog. There are commercial odour removal products that are based on denatured alcohol, surfactants, and enzymes.

All Aces Services offers car interior cleaning and car upholstery cleaning in Brisbane. We use non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaners. We make the interior of your car look cleaner and smell fresher!

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