Removing Dog Hair from Carpet and Furniture

Pets like dogs are part of our family. We treat our dogs like they are members of the family that need kindness, love, and affection. There are times, however, that our dogs leave a lot of hair on carpets and furniture. Dog hair on carpets and furniture can become a nuisance, especially when it’s shedding time.

Dog hair, no matter how you try to prevent it, can give your carpet and furniture an unattractive sight. Although you can perform vacuuming to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet daily, you need a specific approach to remove dog hair that is embedded in your carpet and furniture correctly to protect your investment in the long run.

There are several ways you can remove pet hair from your carpet and furniture. Try these simple tricks!


Daily vacuuming your carpet is needed since you have a dog. Use a vacuum with plenty of suction, such as the models that are specially made for homes with dogs. Sometimes this does not work for hairs that are deeply embedded in the carpet or furniture. There are other tips you can follow.

Rubber Gloves

When rubber is rubbed on carpet and furniture fiber, it generates static electricity. This can help remove dog hair. Using a pair rubber gloves, for instance, can help you remove annoying hair from your carpet and furniture. With the rubber gloves on your hand, rand them along carpet and furniture and the dog hair will cling to the gloves in clumps.

Rubber Broom

This broom works effectively on low pile carpet. Its rubber bristles attract hairs and roll them into clumps that will be easy to get and throw away.


A rubber squeegee along the carpet and furniture will also work wonders. It can get the hair out and lift hairs from the fibers of your carpet.

Fabric Softener

Create a solution of water and fabric softener. The mixture should be three parts water and one part fabric. Put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray on the carpet or furniture so the fabric softener can release static electricity that may be holding the air in the carpet. When you use this method, make sure that you must not over mist or saturate the carpet.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning

When the methods above do not work or you have a busy schedule to perform these methods, why don’t you let a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company like All Aces Services do the job? With us, your carpet and furniture can get deep cleaning so they can be restored to their original beauty and healthy condition. After we perform the cleaning, your carpets and furniture won’t tell that you have a dog at home! We’re sure your pooch will be grateful for it!

dog on carpet