Termite Control Brisbane

Termites, otherwise known as white ants, are annoying pests that can be harmful to your property. Termites can give a property owner a nightmare because they are probably the worst pests as they devour the structure of your home. These nasty creatures eat very slowly, but they are extremely disastrous when they are around in your home. If you have termite infestation, do not prolong the problem! Call a pest control company like All Aces Services to solve it. Otherwise, these nasty insects will take away your home.

Extermination is needed once you discover these winged insects in your home. This way your home can be safe from destruction. It is important to know the species of termites causing problem. There are hundreds of species in Australia and about twenty of these species feed on solid wood.

Generally, the species of termites can be classified into three main groups – subterranean, drywood., and dampwood termites. Let’s take a look at each group.


Subterranean termites build underground networks in roots of trees and dark and moist areas. Their networks are beyond the reach of sunlight. They travel through their network and infest wood and eat outside soil. They pose greater risk than dampwod and drywood termites. They cause around 2 billion worth of damage each year.


This group of termites is the second most destructive. Unlike subterranean termites, this group does not have centralised nests. They live in clusters in damp areas and trees. Their nests are usually found above the ground. They spend most of their time in their nests. This group has destroyed a lot of houses in Queensland.


This group is entirely different from the first two groups of termites since they avoid moisture and ground. They live in small colonies and each colony thrives in small piece of drywood such as a table or desk. Although they are not as destructive as the other groups, they must be terminated by a professional pest control service.

Professional termite pest control

All Aces Services performs termite control Brisbane for homes. We use different methods to making sure all termites are eliminated from your home. We carefully inspect your home for any sign of infestation using the latest equipment in the pest control industry such as thermal imaging camera and borescope. With these tools, our pest control team can determine the scope the problem minimising the need to perform ‘invasive’ inspection.

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