Protecting and Cleaning Oriental Rugs

An antique oriental rug, like a Persian rug or carpet, is a valuable object of artistic beauty. An oriental rug needs periodic cleaning and regular maintenance to ensure its lasting beauty and value. As an owner of this item, there are simple precautions you can take to preserve its good condition for the next generation.

Avoid spills and dirt

Your oriental rug has a wool pile, so it is very sensitive to moisture. The most important thing to do is to avoid spills and dirt from occurring on your rug. Do not place potted plants or anything that can cause stain or moisture on or near the rug.

Professional rug cleaning

The wool of oriental rugs is made of durable material. It is recommended that you do less with this natural protection. Avoid dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Instead, call for a professional oriental rug cleaner to have your item hand-washed or tumbled. Professional rug cleaning is needed once every five years or sooner if needed.

Accidental spill

Spills happen. If something is spilled on your oriental rug, attend to it immediately by gently blotting the stain with paper towels to absorb the spill. Do not rub the spill! If you rub it, the stain will go deep into the pile. Call an expert oriental rug cleaner like All Aces Services to have it cleaned and avoid permanent damage.


Moths can cause damage to your oriental rug. A rug that is used is not usually in danger from moths. To keep moths away from the rug, rotate and expose it to light and air on a regular basis. You can also use insecticides to remove moths, but be use only a spray that is safe for your rug.

Pet damage

Pet damage to oriental rugs is very costly. The good thing is that this is a preventable damage. Dog and cat may be very dear to you, but it is best to keep them away from your precious rug. If pet ‘accidents’ happen, it is better to entrust the cleaning to a professional rug cleaner to remove stain from urine or faecal matter. Scratches must be repaired by a rug repair specialist.

oriental rug cleaning

Chemical damage

Do not use chlorine bleach on the fringes of your rug as this can leak into the rug and result in significant damage.

Sunlight damage

Damage caused by direct exposure to sunlight is very difficult to correct. Make sure that your newly purchase rug is not directly exposed to the light coming from your window. Make sure that your windows block much of sunlight. Put curtains and shades. Take note that once there is uneven fading in your rug, it is impossible to repair the uneven colour.


If you need to store your rug, you need to have it cleaned first. Wrap it in an archival type paper, not a plastic one. Do not store dirty rugs. Otherwise, you’re just inviting moths to devour the rug.4

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