Common Mistakes to Avoid in Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning your tile and grout is needed if you want to make your tile floor look clean and new for many years to come. Cleaning your tile only takes about one hour per week and professional tile and grout cleaning is only necessary once every six months to keep your tile floor clean and protected from damage. When you perform tile and grout cleaning, make sure you do not commit the following mistakes to avoid any kind of damage to your tile floor.

Using Caustic Cleaning Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals is a big NO-NO! Avoid bleach and ammonia-based cleaning solutions. Choose a milder solution or follow what the tile manufacturer suggested.

Scrubbing Hard

Your tiles need care, just as your carpet or upholstered furniture does. When you clean tiles, do not scrub it. You should not use steel wool or any abrasive powders as they can remove the finish on the tile, making it look dull and prone to damage.

Not Cleaning Up Stains

Stains are tile floor’s enemy. When you see a stain from food floor or soft drinks, clean them up as fast as you can. Allowing the stain to sit for a long period of time can only result in tile discoloration.

Not Protecting the Tile

Heavy objects like potted plants, table, and sofa legs should have furniture protectors on the bottom to avoid damaging the tile. Tiles exposed to water should be caulked, too. Sealing is needed to protect the grout from damage and spills. Placing a doormat outside the home also helps filter dirt that may get near your tile.

Improper Routine Cleaning

Mopping using soft cloth and careful vacuuming at least once a week is needed. Do not use a vacuum’s beater bar on your tile floor. It can scratch the finishing of the tile. Careful brushing should be done if you do not have a vacuum that can switch off the beater bar.

Over Wetting

Many homeowners when they clean their tile floor tend to over wet it. This is a common mistake. Do not do it because the minerals in the tap water can bring discoloration or stain. You should quickly wipe the floor using soft cloth.

Professional tile and grout cleaning should be done at least once in six months. Routine maintenance in the form of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping using cleaners you bought from your local supermarket and few hours of labor can only go so far for your tile floor. It is important, therefore, to call in an professional cleaner like All Aces Services to bring back the beauty of your floor.

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