Proper Black Mould Removal

black mouldBlack mould is a scary issue to have at home. This type of mould can make you and your family sick. It can deteriorate the health of your family, your friends, and even your pets. Most of the time, we assume we have toxic black mould based on the signs that we see like black in colour. This is not always the case because not all black mould is the toxic black mould (Stachybotrys). There are other toxic mould that are not black.

Mould Inspection and Testing

Since you can hardly determine the type of mould you may have at home, it is important to have it tested if you suspect there is mould infestation in your home. All Aces Cleaning & Restoration performs mould inspection and testing. We have the skills and tools to accurately determine the species of mould you may have at home or business.

Mould problems should be treated by qualified technicians trained in inspecting, testing, and treating mould. Our technicians can detect mould problem and provide an effective solution to solve the problem.

Symptoms of Mould

Exposure to black mould can lead to some symptoms like difficulty in breathing, skin irritation, weakened immune system, fatigue, confusion, and other medical issues. Prolonged exposure has long-term effect on your health. If you suspect you or a loved one has these symptoms and caused by mould, vacate the premises and call in a professional mould remediation team to eliminate the problem.

Professional Mould Remediation

A professional mould remediation company can come in and solve the problem for you. While you’re gone, a company like All Aces Cleaning & Restoration can remediate mould. Mould can be a result of long-standing water damage in areas that are hard to reach like under the sink, kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere in your home that has a leaky pipe.

We advise home and business owners not to take chances with toxic black mould. It is a much better idea to pay for professional inspection than doing the inspection and remediation yourself. Professionals like us have the detection equipment to use in determining the type of mould, the scope of damage, and we come up with the right solution to every mould type.

Do not put your health or the health of your family on the line! Call All Aces Cleaning & Restoration to inspect any mould problem you may have at home today!