Stinky Remedy: Ace Ozone Restoration Equipment

Sometimes when All Aces Services is called to do restoration work, it is not only for obvious reasons that you can see. We get calls every day for fire, water and mould damage that you can see the obvious consequences of, but what about the smells that are left behind?

When we attend properties that have an odour, we install an Ace Ozone restoration equipment. Running this machine will eliminate any odours that may be present. The Ace Ozone machine will actually seek and destroy the molecules that are causing the unpleasant smells. This is not a cover-up solution, this is a permanent solution.

Odours can smell bad for a reason. It is usually because there are particles present in the air that may be harmful for your health. These odours can begin from a variety of sources including from the human body, smoke from fire damage, water damage, areas affected by mould, and much more.

The Ace Ozone machine does not require constant monitoring. All you have to do is turn on the machine and let it do its thing. There are adjustable levels that can be set depending on the requirements of the job.

This equipment can also be hired by the general public. We have hired this equipment out to clients who have moved into a new home and want to get rid of lingering odours. This is usually because a non-smoker has moved into a home that previously belonged to a smoker. The Ace Ozone machine will find and eliminate the cigarette smoke odours that will not be removed by simply cleaning alone.

So if you have an unpleasant odour lingering in your home and donā€™t know what to do, perhaps you could try using one of our Ace Odour machines. For more advice about odours, please call the All Aces Services hotline on 1800 00 10 10.

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