Tile Cleaning and Your Carpet

The way you look after your tiles can also affect the way your carpet looks. Most supermarket brands of tile/floor cleaner can actually leave a residue on your tiles. This residue can actually attract more dirt and grime. If the surface is especially sticky, you can also end up tracking the residue (and the dirt and grime) onto your carpets. This can end up making your carpets looking a bit ordinary, and can even up causing permanent damage.

You can see how sticky the floor tiles are below indicated by the shine on the tiles in the first photo below. The second photo shows how sticky the floors are by the foot prints evident on the tiles themselves.

You can see what happens when your tile floors have this much residue on them in the third photo in the series. The residue and dirt and grime attaches to your feet or shoes and ends up coming off on the carpet. High traffic areas are especially prone to attracting dirt and grime. You can see how much dirt has appeared in this house in the third photo in the series. You can see this is in a carpeted area adjacent to the tiled area. The fourth photo shows the same area from a different aspect.

The best way to clean your tiles is with a PH neutral tile cleaner like Natural Clean. It will leave very little or no residue, and will leave your floors looking fresher and cleaner for longer.

You should also get your tiles professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months to remove the build-up of dirt and grime that accumulates over time. At All Aces Services we have qualified technicians who can clean and seal your tiles, with special attention paid to the grout between the tiles. So if you want some professional advice and tile cleaning Brisbane service, then call All Aces Services on 1800 00 10 10 today!

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