Professional Bathroom Tile Cleaning

All Aces Services has a very good reputation for carpet cleaning, but a lot of people don’t realise that we can give the same professional treatment to your tiles as well.

Last week we visited a gym at Carina on the south side of Brisbane. The tiles in the bathroom were stained with a lot of dirt and grime as shown in the before-cleaning photo below. You can imagine the amount of bacteria and nasties that can accumulate in a public gym!

First of all we pre-inspected the tiles to make sure we apply the right chemical to match the type of tile, as well as identify any trouble areas. We then moved all items off the floor and gave the area a dry sweep. Afterwards we applied the appropriate chemical solution.

Then the fun part comes! We set up our industrial rotary steam extraction truck mount machine which cleaned the tiled area thoroughly with high temperature and high pressure to get the best result for the client. You can see the rotary steam extraction machine in action in the photos below. The difference in the condition of the tiles is evident in the after-cleaning picture.

Finally we dry mopped the areas and installed high speed air movers to promote the drying process. The result is shown in the after-cleaning picture below. Obviously the clients were very pleased with the result!

So if your business is in need of some professional tile cleaning Brisbane services, then don’t hesitate to call All Aces Services to complete the job to your satisfaction. If you are happy with the result (which I’m sure you will be!) then you can even ask one of our friendly staff to book in a reminder call to schedule your next maintenance clean down the track (at a time recommended by one of our certified technicians). So call All Aces Services on 1800 00 10 10 to book in your professional bathroom tile cleaning today!

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